V for Vendetta

A new trade paperback edition of the graphic novel that inspired the hit movie!

A powerful story about loss of freedom and individuality, V FOR VENDETTA takes place in a totalitarian England following a devastating war that changed the face of the planet.

In a world without political freedom, personal freedom and precious little faith in anything comes a mysterious man in a white porcelain mask who fights political oppressors through terrorism and seemingly absurd acts. It’s a gripping tale…”

V For Vendetta

ISBN 10 : 9781401236311
ISBN 13 : 1401236316

"Alan Moore outdoes himself... Extraordinary ... a poetic celebration of the powers of the imagination." - Kurt Loder, MTV A powerful story about loss of freedom and individuality,..

V For Vendetta

ISBN 10 : 1439555648
ISBN 13 : 9781439555644

In a not-too-distant future, Britain is ruled by a totalitarian regime and Evey, a young woman, is rescued from certain death by a masked vigilante, who launches a one-man crusade ..

V For Vendetta

ISBN 10 : UVA:X030107928
ISBN 13 :


V For Vendetta

ISBN 10 : 9781416531128
ISBN 13 : 1416531122

REMEMBER, REMEMBER THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBER Imagine a Britain stripped of democracy: a world of the not-too-distant future, in which freedom was not lost, but surrendered willingly to..

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