Transmetropolitan Vol. 6: Gouge Away (New Edition)

Spider Jerusalem’s journalistic crusade continues apace. Having removed one President from office, only to make a mortal enemy of the new incumbent, Spider continues to investigate the death of Vita Severn. Spider soon discovers that the truth leads right to the top.”

Transmetropolitan Vol 6 Gouge Away New Edition

ISBN 10 : 9781401244699
ISBN 13 : 1401244696

Spider Jerusalem is hot on the trail of the horrifying truth behind the newly elected President's campaign. This volume collects issues #31-36...

Gouge Away

ISBN 10 : 184023394X
ISBN 13 : 9781840233940

Disgusted at the commercialization of his life and his work, journalist Spider Jerusalem decides to go after a real story, and get revenge on those responsible for killing Dr. Vita..

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