Tokyo Ghost Volume 2

Following the destruction of the Garden Nation of Japan, Constable Led Dent returns to his brutal beat, having succumbed to his inner demons. But as he stalks the streets of the Isles of Los Angeles, enforcing the corporate new world order, he’s haunted by a ghost from Tokyo.

Critically acclaimed creators RICK REMENDER & SEAN MURPHY wrap their tale of tech addiction, unintended consequences, and love in a world populated by the disenfranchised and isolated.

Collects issue 6 through 10

Tokyo Ghost 1

ISBN 10 : 0606390707
ISBN 13 : 9780606390705

"Collecting Tokyo Ghost #1-5"--Page 4 of cover...


ISBN 10 : 1401211275
ISBN 13 : 9781401211271

Piro, an anime obsessed fan, and Largo, an American gamer, are stranded in Japan and must earn enough money for plane tickets home while they explore the Japanese world of gaming a..

Descender Vol 2

ISBN 10 : 9781632159663
ISBN 13 : 163215966X

Young robot boy TIM-21 and his companions struggle to stay alive in a universe where all androids have been outlawed and bounty hunters lurk on every planet. DESCENDER is a rip-roa..

Brody S Ghost Volume 2

ISBN 10 : 9781621151777
ISBN 13 : 1621151778

Brody knew that being mixed up with Talia, a dead girl turned ghost, was going to change his life forever. He just didn't realize it was going to involve going head to head with on..

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