Tiny Titans: The First Rule of Pet Club, Book 4

These all ages tales from the DC Universe, beautifully written and illustrated by Art Baltazar and Franco, will entertain new readers and seasoned fans of comics. In this new collection, Wayne Manor has been overrun! There are penguins in the tub and bunnies in the bedroom, penguins in the freezer and bunnies in the fridge, penguins and bunnies everywhere – they’ve even driven the bats out of the Batcave! Poor Robin is caught in the middle of the bunny-penguin turf war and has to figure out…”

Tiny Titans 1

ISBN 10 : 1401220789
ISBN 13 : 9781401220785

Presents the adventures of the Tiny Titans--the super-powered members of the Teen Titans as children--as they face new teachers, schoolyard bullies, and costume changes...

Meet Tiny Titans East

ISBN 10 : 9781434246967
ISBN 13 : 1434246965

A group of Tiny Titans from the East side of the playground are coming to visit the originals, but they are definitely not heroes...

Tiny Titans

ISBN 10 : 1401235255
ISBN 13 : 9781401235253

The heroes try to live the lives of their mentors. Everything goes super-heroic when Superboy wears his towel cape to look like Superman. Robin tries to get the cowl and cape from ..

Tiny Titans Vs The Fearsome Five

ISBN 10 : 9781434245380
ISBN 13 : 1434245381

The Fearsome Five have arrived, and they want the playground where all the Super Kids play...

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