Stephen King’s The Stand Vol. 3: Soul Survivors

Nick Andros has hit the road & teamed up with the child-like Tom Cullen. After the horrors of Captain Trips, a bike trip through Oklahoma & Nebraska sounds like fun, right? Except it’s tornado season, & not everyone Nick & Tom meet is on the side of the angels. Hell hath no fury like Julie Lawry, another survivor of the plague.”


ISBN 10 : 9780385528832
ISBN 13 : 0385528833

Stephen King's legendary debut, about a teenage outcast and the revenge she enacts on her classmates. Carrie White may be picked on by her classmates, but she has a gift. She can m..


ISBN 10 : 9780743221887
ISBN 13 : 0743221885

Once upon a time, in the haunted city of Derry (site of the classics It and Insomnia), four boys stood together and did a brave thing. Certainly a good thing, perhaps even a great ..

On Writing

ISBN 10 : 9780743455961
ISBN 13 : 0743455967

The author shares his insights into the craft of writing and offers a humorous perspective on his own experience as a writer...

Duma Key

ISBN 10 : 9781416552512
ISBN 13 : 1416552510

Renting a house on the Florida coast after suffering a crippling accident and ending his marriage, construction millionaire Edgar Freemantle creates works of art that lead him to d..

The Mist

ISBN 10 : 0451223292
ISBN 13 : 9780451223296

A group of neighbors trapped in a grocery store by a supernatural mist--which may have been unintentionally unleashed by a nearby military base--must fight the horrific monsters th..

Night Shift

ISBN 10 : 0385528841
ISBN 13 : 9780385528849

More than twenty-five stories of horror and nightmarish fantasy transform everyday situations into experiences of compelling terror in the worlds of the living, the dying, and the ..


ISBN 10 : 9780743296724
ISBN 13 : 0743296729

From international bestseller Stephen King, a high-concept, ingenious and terrifying story about the mayhem unleashed when a pulse from a mysterious source transforms all cell phon..

Stephen King On The Big Screen

ISBN 10 : 9781841502458
ISBN 13 : 1841502456

and the first to consider in detail films like Creepshow, Sleepwalkers and 1408. The style, whilst critically rigorous, is designed to be accessible to discerning readers of King a..

Hollywood S Stephen King

ISBN 10 : 0312293216
ISBN 13 : 9780312293215

A definitive overview of film adaptations of the works of horror master Stephen King analyzes the thematic, narative, and character links that are revealed among his films, explori..

Stephen King

ISBN 10 : 9780791098523
ISBN 13 : 0791098524

Describes the life and writing career of the American author famous for his horror novels and stories, including "The Shining," "Carrie," and "Misery."..

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