My Father Bleeds History

A story of a Jewish survivor of Hitler’s Europe and his son, a cartoonist who tries to come to terms with his father’s story and history itself.1992 Pulitzer Prize graphic novel Maus V.I”

Maus 2

ISBN 10 : 9780679729778
ISBN 13 : 0679729771

In a comic-book-style tale of the author's parents, Vladek and Anja, Vladek survives Auschwitz, is reunited with Anja, and sires young Art..


ISBN 10 : 0679748407
ISBN 13 : 9780679748403

The author-illustrator traces his father's imprisonment in a Nazi concentration camp through a series of disarming and unusual cartoons arranged to tell the story as a novel...

Maus I

ISBN 10 : 0394541553
ISBN 13 : 9780394541556


The Complete Maus

ISBN 10 : 0141014083
ISBN 13 : 9780141014081

Combined here are Maus I: A Survivor's Tale and Maus II - the complete story of Vladek Spiegelman and his wife, living and surviving in Hitler's Europe. By addressing the Holocaust..

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