Marvel’s Doctor Strange: The Art of the Movie

Get an exclusive look at the art behind one of Marvel’s most visually compelling super heroes in this latest installment of the popular ART OF series of movie tie-in books! When a terrible accident befalls extraordinary surgeon Dr. Stephen Strange, he’ll do anything to regain mobility in his crippled hands. His journey will take him to unbelievable realms – and bring him face-to-face with petrifying dangers. Explore the fantastic worlds of Doctor Strange with exclusive concept artwork and…”


ISBN 10 : 0810925664
ISBN 13 : 9780810925663

Presents a history of Marvel comics, profiling the creative artists, the writers, and the superheroes who have made Marvel the largest comic book publisher...

A Marvel Of Blue And Green

ISBN 10 : 9781452018911
ISBN 13 : 145201891X

Dumped again! Not once but twice. First by her vanishing Dad and then by her overprotective mom. Ruby Ann's adventure begins when she is sent to live with Granny. She meets an ecce..

The Marvel Of Maps

ISBN 10 : 0300107277
ISBN 13 : 9780300107272

Among the most beautiful and compelling works of Renaissance art, painted maps adorned the halls and galleries of princely palaces. This book is the first to discuss in detail the ..

Marvel Encyclopedia

ISBN 10 : 0785123962
ISBN 13 : 9780785123965


Marvel Comics

ISBN 10 : 9780062314697
ISBN 13 : 0062314696

An unvarnished, unauthorized, behind-the-scenes account of one of the most dominant pop cultural forces in contemporary America Operating out of a tiny office on Madison Avenue in ..

Marvel Graphic Novels And Related Publications

ISBN 10 : 9780786451159
ISBN 13 : 0786451157

"This work provides an extensive guide for students, fans, and collectors of Marvel Comics. Focusing on Marvel's mainstream comics, the author provides a detailed description of ea..

The Architecture And Design Of Man And Woman

ISBN 10 : 9780385509299
ISBN 13 : 0385509294

More than five hundred computer images capture the anatomy of the human body, revealing the construction and workings of each system of the body and rebuilding the body from the mo..

They Thought It Was A Marvel

ISBN 10 : 9789085550167
ISBN 13 : 9085550165

Was 1906 the year of birth of animation pictures? Or 1908? Was France the place of birth, or was it the United States? --..

The Marvel Super Heroes Guide Book

ISBN 10 : 0938753568
ISBN 13 : 9780938753568

Profiles superheroes that have appeared in Marvel comic books, including Spiderman, Hulk, and Storm...

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

ISBN 10 : 9780671530778
ISBN 13 : 0671530771

Illustrates hitherto mysterious methods of comic art using as examples such Mighty Marvel heroes as Thor, The Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, and The Hulk..

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