Marvel Encyclopedia

Timed perfectly with Marvel’s 75th Anniversary, DK’s bestselling Marvel Encyclopedia is now fully revised, extended, and updated.

Bring the Marvel Universe home with this all-inclusive encyclopedia detailing little-known facts and information about the iconic Marvel characters. This essential tome has been fully updated with 32 additional pages.

Created in full collaboration with Marvel Comics, the revised pages of Marvel Encyclopedia now feature new entries on the latest characters and…

Marvel Encyclopedia

ISBN 10 : 0785111646
ISBN 13 : 9780785111641

Explores the comic books, television program, merchandise, and motion picture featuring the giant green monster known as the Hulk and his alter-ego, scientist Bruce Banner...

Marvel Encyclopedia

ISBN 10 : 0785124284
ISBN 13 : 9780785124283


Marvel Encyclopedia

ISBN 10 : 1465415939
ISBN 13 : 9781465415936

Profiles Marvel's greatest heroes, providing details on their powers and their thrill-packed careers, in an updated edition that includes information on the lastest characters and ..

Spider Man Character Encyclopedia

ISBN 10 : 1465415742
ISBN 13 : 9781465415745

Debuting in 1962, Marvel Comics' Spider-Man is one of the world's best-loved and universally recognized heroes. A spectacular star not only of comic books but of movie blockbusters..

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