After the villains of the Legion of Doom — led by Lex Luthor and Brainiac — band together to save the world after a shared dream that seems to be a vision of the Earth’s demise. They are confronted by the Justice League of America, who doubt their true motives. The true plans unfold as the two teams do battle.

From the Hardcover edition.


ISBN 10 : 9781429952682
ISBN 13 : 1429952687

What are our obligations to others as people in a free society? Should government tax the rich to help the poor? Is the free market fair? Is it sometimes wrong to tell the truth? I..


ISBN 10 : 9780374532505
ISBN 13 : 0374532508

A Harvard professor assesses the role of justice in today's society as well as the moral responsibilities faced by everyday citizens, weighing a range of issues from euthanasia and..


ISBN 10 : 9780141041339
ISBN 13 : 0141041331

Michael Sandel's Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do? invites readers of all ages and political persuasions on a journey of moral reflection, and shows how reasoned debate can il..


ISBN 10 : 9780745625966
ISBN 13 : 0745625967

Introducing the concept of justice in contemporary political theory, this title outlines all the main theories and details the theories advanced by major thinkers such as Rawls, Se..

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