Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, No. 1

Innovative, dark, humorous comic book from the artist/writer who would eventually create Invader Zim”


ISBN 10 : 0943151163
ISBN 13 : 9780943151168

Presents the adventures of Johnny, also known as Nny, whose madness is encouraged by a pair of styrofoam doughboys, as he frightens the little boy next door, attempts suicide, and ..

Squee S Wonderful Big Giant Book Of Unspeakable Horrors

ISBN 10 : 0943151244
ISBN 13 : 9780943151243

Features familiar faces from Johnny the Homicidal maniac but focuses on poor little Squee--Johnny's wee trauma magnet neighbor. Squee's travails remind us all of what childhood was..

Everything Can Be Beaten

ISBN 10 : 0943151651
ISBN 13 : 9780943151656

Admirers of the well-beloved Mr. Chancre Scolex should find reason to rejoice in Everything Can Be Beaten which, according to the author, is "based on a completely fabricated true ..

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