Green Lantern, Vol. 1: No Fear

Statements of responsibility vary from issue to issue.”

Green Lantern

ISBN 10 : 1401233015
ISBN 13 : 9781401233013

A group of powerful villains band together under the Sinestro Corps to try and rid the cosmos of the Green Lanterns and estrablish a new order in the galaxy...

Comics Values Annual 2007

ISBN 10 : 0896894630
ISBN 13 : 9780896894631

Includes categorical listings of collectible comic books, arranged by type of comic, with issue titles, current prices, dates, and cross-references..

Green Lantern

ISBN 10 : 1401231411
ISBN 13 : 9781401231415

Exploding out of BLACKEST NIGHT comes the next exciting chapter in the Green Lantern mythos: "New Guardians," from issues #53-62 of the hit series! Forced to band together during t..

Green Lantern

ISBN 10 : 1401215904
ISBN 13 : 9781401215903

While rescuing Cowgirl from a group of rebel Chechens, Hal Jordan, a.k.a. the Green Lantern, finds himself accused of murder, and must clear his name despite opposition from the Gl..

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