Getting Past Your Past: Take Control of Your Life with Self-Help Techniques from…

Getting Past Your Past: Take Control of Your Life With Self-Help Techniques from EMDR Therapy”

Getting Past Your Past

ISBN 10 : 9781609619954
ISBN 13 : 1609619951

A totally accessible user's guide from the creator of a scientifically proven form of psychotherapy that has successfully treated millions of people worldwide. Whether we've experi..

Getting Past Your Past

ISBN 10 : 9781609613686
ISBN 13 : 1609613686

An accessible layperson's guide by the creator of the successful "eye movement" therapy system outlines practical procedures that explain how the process works and how to use it to..

The Body Keeps The Score

ISBN 10 : 9781101608302
ISBN 13 : 1101608307

• A New York Times Science Bestseller • “Packed with science and human stories, the book is an intense read. . . . The struggle and resilience of [van der Kolk’s] patients ..

Getting Past Your Breakup

ISBN 10 : 9780738213286
ISBN 13 : 0738213284

Self Help...

Tapping In

ISBN 10 : 1591798787
ISBN 13 : 9781591798781

Never has it been so effortless to activate your inner power and resilience than with the remarkable technique known as "resource tapping." Tapping In makes available for the first..

Getting Past Ok

ISBN 10 : 9781458730015
ISBN 13 : 1458730018

Richard Brodie dropped out of Harvard to join the computer revolution and write the first version of Microsoft Word. Then, burned-out helping Microsoft achieve its phenomenal succe..

Healing The Hurts Of Your Past

ISBN 10 : 9780615535463
ISBN 13 : 0615535461

Do you find that you are your own worst enemy? Are you your biggest critic? Do others believe in you, but you find yourself filled with doubt? Why is that? You are not alone in thi..

Unlocking The Emotional Brain

ISBN 10 : 9781136640179
ISBN 13 : 1136640177

Psychotherapy that regularly yields liberating, lasting change was, in the last century, a futuristic vision, but it has now become reality, thanks to a convergence of remarkable a..


ISBN 10 : 0465043011
ISBN 13 : 9780465043019

By the originator of the breakthrough therapy, this updated edition describes the latest uses of EMDR-including treating victims of September 11 and other disasters around the worl..

Eye Movement Desensitization And Reprocessing Emdr Second Edition

ISBN 10 : 9781606237960
ISBN 13 : 1606237969

This volume provides the definitive guide to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), the psychotherapeutic approach developed by Francine Shapiro. EMDR is one of the ..

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