Doctor Strange Omnibus Vol. 1

A vain man driven by greed and hubris, Dr. Stephen Strange was a world-renowned surgeon until the night a car accident crippled his hands. Broken and destitute, he journeyed to Tibet to seek a cure from a legendary healer. He found not a man of medicine but the venerable Ancient One and the path to the mystic arts! Stan Lee and Steve Ditko reinvented the super hero with the Amazing Spider-Man, but from Dr. Strange’s eerie house on a Greenwich Village corner they created new dimensions and…”

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme Omnibus

ISBN 10 : 1302907077
ISBN 13 : 9781302907075

Doctor Strange stars in his most spellbinding series! The world believes Strange dead, and Dormammu has stolen control of the Sorcerer Supreme's body. But when Clea comes to Stephe..

Doctor Strange Vol 2

ISBN 10 : 0785195173
ISBN 13 : 9780785195177

Doctor Strange enters the last days of magic! They have crossed the dimensions, purging them all of sorcery, one by one. Now the Empirikul have arrived in the Marvel Universe. And ..

Dr Strange

ISBN 10 : 0785163875
ISBN 13 : 9780785163879

A window-crashing, high-flying, globe-traveling, ghost-battling adventure from the earliest days of Doctor Strange's training in the mystic arts! Part Indiana Jones, part Lord of t..

The Silver Age Of Comic Book Art

ISBN 10 : 9781480806351
ISBN 13 : 1480806358

Carmine Infantino. Steve Ditko. Jack Kirby. Gil Kane. Joe Kubert. Gene Colan. Jim Steranko. Neal Adams. Some of the greatest comic book artists of their generation, who created som..

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